Tamara is all about not taking life too seriously. Passionate about movement and looking for a method beyond current Pilates, Pilates Circuit was developed to find a perfect balance of Pilates and strength-training. Be your best self, move your body!

In Group Classes, Tamara’s your cheerleader, fully certified in Pilates she’ll guide you to get the most out of every exercise, destress and have fun.

In Private Sessions, she’ll use the versatility of movement to fully customize your session to your needs and goals. With a more individualized focus, it’s 50 mins of YOU time.



Health and fitness are simple concepts that can become extremely complicated very quickly.

Over-exercising and strict dieting lead to food obsessions and unhealthy relationships with exercise usually ending up in injury or putting on more weight than you started.

The action of exercise outside of weight loss releases endorphins, reduces stress, energise muscles and make your heart work. Exercise is not punishment for your body, it should be liberating! We are so incredibly lucky to be able to move.

The Pilates Circuit will challenge but not annihilate or punish. Using targeted and purposeful strength exercises, you’ll move your body in an efficient way that will build muscle and change your body. When combined with a balanced approach to food i.e. eat what you want with a focus on nourishment you’ll see your body thrive.